Friday, 24 June 2011

 The difference a year makes

On Tuesday I went down to Cardiff to pick up my work from last year when I was in university. After our end of year art show they decided to keep some peoples work for a year as examples from each area (fashion/illustration/fine art etc) and mine was one of the ones they decided to keep. I was a bit disappointed I couldn't take my work home with me last year, but it was still exciting to be picked :)
Anyway, as I mentioned Tuesday I got it back :) I was a bit worried that it may have been a bit damaged or they might have lost some of it, as it is an art school and everything is kind of everywhere and there are a LOT of students and therefore lots of bits of work and materials hanging around. Fortunately none of it was damaged but they did loose one of the necklaces from the last set :'( which I'm not too happy about but cest la vie I guess : |

I choose accessories as my final major project using the theme of flowers. I made three pairs of underwear and three necklaces. When I started this course it was originally my dream to go to De Montfort university so I could study contour fashion and become a lingerie designer, but somewhere along the way, and for several reasons I changed my mind, although I still love lingerie and still love the idea of designing intimate apparel.

This is my final exhibition :) Its really strange to think all this was only a year ago. A lot has happened since then, some of it good, some of it bad. I wanted to do this post because it was a really combination of this final major project in uni and something that happened in the next few months after I finished, that made me start this blog and become interested in making jewellery :). Its been hard but I think I'm hopefully finally starting to come through the other side of things now and although I've only been blogging seven months It feels like I've had one for a lot longer! I'm really glad I found this as its helped a lot.

I thought lastly I would include pictures of some of the gorgeous things that the lovely talented girls made on the course last year from the fashion group. Only I would ask that anyone please does not use any of the  images below for any reason as they are not mine! I'm simply posting about the art show last year, and although we were allowed to take photos I would ask that anybody does not re distribute any of the following images. Thank you :)

If anyone wants to check out images from this years show
or know more about the course you can visit the
university website here :)
and if you would like the chance to win some free jewellery you can enter my giveaway
here :)

love and kisses

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  1. Flower undies!! If my panties looked like that, I would never want to wear pants again. hahah All these pictures are lovely. I am admiring the texture and color scheme of each one. :)

  2. love the underwear! you're very talented :)
    Rosie xo

  3. Omg! Love the flower detals on the pantiess :o
    You are mayor talented ^__^
    thanks for posting the other works!


  4. hi :) where did you get your bedding? it's pretty! I'm redoing my room and I've got to start painting n all that in a couple weeks.

  5. Beautiful undies!
    And I love the other clothes too.
    What clever peeps.

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments :)

    @Elizabeth its from Next but it was a few years ago now sorry. They have some nice floral-esque ones that are similar (ish)in stock atm though X

  7. All the designs look amazing, I love the blue shoes and the pansy dress! Your floral underwear is so cute, I have a weakness for buying pretty underwear!

  8. hello! am a new follower to your blog. your handmade jewellery and designs are beautiful and you have very talented friends!