Monday, 18 April 2011

In Here Life Is Beautiful

I'm actually finding it really hard to find a sentence to begin the start of this post with! I feel like I'm back at school re writing the start of my essays over and over again :/. Basically I was just trying to sum up in a sentence that I'm happy that we have had lots of sunny days recently and I feel like I haven't posted in ages even though I have been reading other peoples blogs in the evening I just appear to have neglected my own.  It seems to be beyond my capabilities to write properly today though.

But basically yes this is what I have been doing for the last two weeks or so

  • Enjoying the sunshine :)
  • Wearing shorts and not feeling cold (yay)
  • Sitting in the garden and making new jewellery and headbands
  • Sitting in the sunshine and doing nothing at all :)
  • Reading other lovely bloggers posts
  • Seeing friends and working
  • Going to my auntys wedding
  • Taking loads of pictures
* just to let you lovely readers know, this is an exteremley heavy picture post :)*

My aunty who owns the shop Indigo Moon that I've posted about before got married this Saturday so we went up and stayed the weekend for the wedding. The cottage we stayed in was completley gorgeous. It was so so girly and pretty (which is why I went a little bit snap happy with the camera) and it was the perfect girly/french vintage type interior that I always spend ages looking at in pictures in magazines.

Pictures of the garden :) Its the prettiest garden I've ever been in. I don't usually like to get to close to the flowers as I have a massive phobia of bugs of all kinds but I couldn't not take pictures

I want one of these in my garden :)

Sweet little bench :)

Bedroom me and my sister shared

View from the window

The town itself was really pretty with lots of flowers and tea shops although if I'm honest I didn't feel that the people were altogether that friendly compared to other places I've stayed. There was a kind of 'Hmmphh tourists' vibe. Although its pretty its also exteremley quiet and not much to do. It was nice to stop over night but I was definatley ready to leave come sunday.

In here life is beautiful

I couldn't resist snapping a few new photos of the shop  while we were there :) I could literally buy everything in there and fill my room with it

I love this birdcage its amazing :)

Quick photo of what I was wearing to the wedding :)

Basically the yummiest looking (and tasting) cupcakes I've ever seen. The best thing is, is that these little cupcakes come not from a fancy wedding cake shop....but Tesco. So I can happily scoff them all year round :)

love and kisses

x x x x


  1. Those cupcakes look delicious!! I may have to hunt them down in Tesco!!!


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  3. luuurve the cottage darling and those cupcakes look scrummy but ever so deadly!

  4. that cottage is the perfect way to spend the spring weekend! x

  5. Thanks for following! I love your blog, its so pretty! I'm following you xx

  6. lovely pics, and the cupcakes do look delish
    Lydz xX

  7. Wow, loads of lovely pictures!
    Glad you had a good time,

    Rosie x

  8. These photos are absolutely gorgeous- the flowers don't even look real! Congratulations to your aunty!

  9. Looks like such a beautiful wedding x