Monday, 7 February 2011

Vintage finds and cupcakes

If anyone lives in the UK reading this and you love vintage things I would seriously urge you to check out The Range. (not sure if they have any stores outside of the UK?)  I've always found these stores a bit boring as they sell lots of garden items/home furnishing type items and I've never really been interested but they also sell LOTS of cute vintage type decorations and they are REALLY cheap :)

I think I've actually mentioned the Range in a previous post as its where I brought my first bird cage from for £10. These are the things my mum and dad picked up for me yesterday when they went down as they know I love vintage things and am trying to slowly decorate my room in that style. Both mini bird cages where £4.99 each. I really love them they are so cute and they each have a little candle holder inside them for tealight candles.

close up of first bird cage

I love the rose and butterfly detail on this one
I love the second one just as much its just like a classic little bird cage its so sweet, and I love that the little door opens :)

I also have an obsession with anything heart shaped so they picked up this cute little candle holder as well which was £2.99, and a jar of vanilla spice tea lights. I love vanilla candles the smell is gorgeous, but in a lot of home furnishing department stores they charge up to £10 for them which is a rip off, so I grab them when ever I find them for cheaper in other stores :)

This is where I've put the bird cages for now as I'm not sure where else to put them. They look quite pretty there so I might leave them on the window sill.

Mmmm. This is how I spent my Sunday night scoffing yummy cupcakes that my sister made. She did make a few more but some of them got eaten before I took the photos. I love the cupcake stand that she and my mum brought for the cakes. I've always wanted to buy one for my room to hang jewellery off but the ones I've seen are really expensive so I haven't bothered. This one was from the Range I think it was £10

yummy :D

I also wanted to include the badges that my little sister made in this post. If you've read my blog before you may know that my aunty owns her own shop called Indigo Moon which basically sells loads of gorgeous vintage stuff that I want to fill my room with, and also her own art work. She had some trouble sourcing some fabric badges/brooches for the shop as some suppliers she spoke to where really expensive and charged quite a lot per badge, which meant they would have been super expensive to buy in the shop. My sister got a badge maker for christmas last year and my mums got loads of spare fabric hanging around so they had a go at making some and these are the results.

I think they are really cute :) I'm not usually a badge/brooch fan but I love the fabric on these and I think they would look cute pinned on to bags or a scarf or a plain t-shirt. My sister sent them to my aunty and she loved them and so shes going to sell them in the shop and share the profit with my sister :) Shes so excited bless her. She decided to call them 'pogs pins' (I nicknamed her pog when she was about five for no particular reason and its kind of stuck ever since XD )

These are my favourite three

love and kisses

x x x x


  1. OOOooo I hadn't thought of the range for vintage inspired bits :) going to have a look at the weekend now :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. Saw these vintage bits in the Range a couple of weeks ago and had to have a couple of birdcages!
    Might be going back for the very cute cakestand you have here xxx

  3. mmm yummy:Dxx

    check out the AlexanderMcQueen scarf giveaway:)

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog :). The first picture of the shelf full of Vintage stuff looks Ahhhmazinggg :) I'd love everything on it haha. I've never actually heard of 'The Range' but I'll definitely have to look into it more. Those buttons are seriously cute too :).


  5. This is such a cute post, I love the little bird cage candle holder and the cupcake stands are lovely x

  6. Oooh I love some of these things, I really need to check that place out! xx

  7. those bird cages are gorgeous :) x

  8. thanks for your comments girls :) I will have a room full of gorgeous vintage stuff one day, just have to keep hunting! ;)
    x x x