Monday, 24 January 2011

In my shoes

I was thinking the other day how much better I feel if I'm wearing high heels, which has inspired me to do this little blog post :) I love shoes as much as the next girl although I'm more of a heels at night, ballet pumps in the day kinda girl. Normally I wouldn't bother wearing heels in the day because, lets face it, as pretty and as sexy as they are they bloody hurt after a while! This always applied to work too, uniform policy states that officially the women have to wear heels to work, and I've never adhered to this because running around the shop floor all day and climbing up and down ladders in heels is not mine or my feets idea of fun. Lately though I have tried wearing heels to work; and I have to admit although they are not as comfortable as my flats (sob) they do make me feel much more confident and pulled togther when I'm wearing them. Although a night out for me wouldn't be complete without a pair killer heels, I've always been happy to wear flats during the day but now I'm considering the possibility of giving some of my heels and outing during the day time as well as the night :)

Just thought I would share a few of my favourite pairs with you :)

These are one of my favourite pair of shoes. They're black so they go with just about any outfit, but the see through lace like pattern on the outside prettys them up a lot. I love the pale pink insoles to (although obviously you can't see this when you wear them :( ) Although they're fairly high they are amazingly quite comfortable

I have yet to wear these lovelies :) They are enormously high heels but again they're not as uncomfortable as I thought they would be when I tried them on (although I have obviously yet to test this out on a night out) I got them to wear with my purple lipsy dress I mentioned a few post back. I thought I could brave it with bare legs instead of the usual black tight black shoes I tend to wear with dresses.

Does every girl have a pair of these in their wardrobe? The I couldn't resist them because they are so gorgeous high heel but sadly as they are SO high I am likely never to wear them :(

Sorry for the poor quality background shot I just wanted to show just quite how high these shoes are. You may be wondering why I brought them If I was never going to wear them, but I just think they are so amazing. They were in the Faith sale, £30 (i think.Either that or £40) down from about £70. I love the colour and the sexy heel on them. I am planning on wearing them one day , but is going to have to be on a night where we stay in one pub/bar/resturant and we get picked up and dropped off right outside the door :) I can walk in them just about, but the sheer height does make you a bit worried that should my ankle give way I shall most probably break it :(

Every girl should own a pair of red shoes. I brought these when I was in London, and they are from Office. Sadly I must confess to having never worn these shoes yet either :( I wanted to wear them saturday with my red skirt from River Island, but I am so afraid of wrecking them in the clubs (as I know will be the case) I haven't dared given them a night out. The sides are made from a satiny like material which I know is just waiting to scuff the minute I walk outside the door. I really do love these shoes though, the photo doesn't do them justice. I think perhaps I shall have to save them for a romantic date to a resturant and tread very carefully, or else ask my date for a piggyback ;)

I love these shoes so much <3 It was a toss up between these and the black version and I eventually asked for these (they where a christmas present) as I already own lots of black shoes and wanted something different. I'm in love with heels sparkly :)

I'm glad I opted for the white/cream ones from Office as I found these in New Look a year later which where similar enough and half the price. These are one of my favourite pairs.

As the light was fading I had to switch to taking picture on the window sill as everything else was coming out blurry, so apologies for the random background lol. I fell in love with the colour when I walked past them in work, so I knew I was going to buy them!

Bronze bow detail ones from new look I love these ones they are so pretty :)

Lilac ones from New look. To be honest although I love the colour and they style of these shoes, they do hurt like hell. Even when you've only just put them on :( I got them to go with my lilac dress I had from New Look as they matched perfectly but I don't wear them that much

These are one of my latest purchases. Try though I did I could just not get a decent picture of these! They are black suede and in the photos they look a bit faded but in truth theres not a mark on them. They where in the sale at christmas from River Island. I'm usually a size 5 but these are quiet tight so I would have been better off with a six. I love these boots, I'm planning on wearing them with skinny jeans. I did try them on with one of my lispy dresses on saturday, and although they looked good, they certainly didn't feel it! They kind of pitch you right forward and put a LOT of pressure on your ankle. I got the feeling that If I had them on for any length of time, I would definatley do some damage, so these are going to be a sit down in the pub or resturant all night and do very minimal walking kind of shoe :(

Lastly I just wanted to include these two as they were my two of my first pair of heels :) The black ones used to be my school shoes, and the pink ones I saw in a magazine when I was in fifteen (about) and fell completely in love. They are both from Topshop aeons ago :)

                                                                            love and kisses

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  1. OMG! You have the most amazing shoe collection - I want them all!! xx PS Thanks for your lovely comment x