Tuesday, 21 December 2010

   On the first day of christmas


Ok so it's not the first day of christmas but its very close :D We have finally had the same kind of weather as the rest of the UK: snow!!! I was feeling jealous and suffering snow envy seeing all the snowy pictures on the news and other blogs when it was just really cold here, but no sign of any snow. Its been snowing really heavily since friday though, and it looks so pretty in the mornings when its all crisp and fresh and no one walked through it :)

The brook at the bottom of our garden

My little sister

My ring I brought from Boots the other day £5
I didn't know they sold jewellery but I love this ring, havent taken it
off since!

Two last minute christmas decorations for the tree.
I brought these from festive a christmas warehouse that opens in town from November
I love the ice skater shoe its so pretty! The photo doesn't really do it justice
I'm going to put them in my room after christmas because they're too pretty to put away

love and kisses

x x x x


  1. Glad you got some snow in the end! It does look so, so pretty but it's causing a bit too much chaos round the UK. That ring looks cute, didn't know Boots did nice jewellery either! xx

  2. I know it is pretty but I'm kind of hoping we don't get loads more because it makes it so hard to get out anywhere! x x