Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Another  jewellery

So this is probably the fourth in what seems like a lot of jewellery related posts, but I can't help it jewellery is my weakness :) I had a day off today and as I was feeling far to cold to go out I decided to have a go at making a few things. I felt like making some hair accessories as I've been feeling bored and wanting to experiment. I had a quick look on the internet for inspiration and I found which although doesn't have much to do with hair accessories (they do sell them but I got distracted by the jewellery) sells the cutest things, so if you are a jewellry junkie like me you should check it out. They are offering free delivery at the moment, and the best thing is the jewellery is not even that expensive :)

Deer and lace brooch £6
I really love this!

Bird trellis necklace £12
I have an obssession with bird jewellery
for some reason

Antique gold heart tier necklace £10
Also have a thing for hearts
I'm going to see if santa is kind enough to bring me these three :)

Heart & Ribbon Necklace

Heart and ribbon necklace £6
(and if he has room in his sack for this one, I won't mind)
Antique Gold Heart Charm Bracelet
Antique gold heart bracelet £6

From Paris With Love Necklace
From Paris with love £14

White crystal flower ring £7

Vintage silver fan necklace £10

Tape Measure Heart Necklace
tape meaure heart necklace
The Owl Gang Necklace
The owl gang necklace £12

Silver love script bracelet £7
love this

Turqouise frog ring £12

Madame peacock necklace £13
they also have a brooch version which I like even more

pink/blue chintz necklaces £8
Crystal Tree Ring
Crystal tree ring £9

Gold Clock Necklace
gold clock necklace £7

£10 Christmas Goody Bag!
Goody bags :)
Ranging in price from £10-£50
I quite like this Idea. Obviously I don't think you would want to spend £50
without seeing what your getting but I think the £10 one was a cool idea.

They have loads of different pieces, vintage, pretty, quirky, rock chic, alice in wonder land.... I just picked my favourite pieces, and I didn't see anything that cost over £20 :)

Any way heres what I made today. Not finished yet but I was in a snap happy mood so I have posted them anyway

Christmas decorations go up this weekend
so I felt in a christmassey mood :)

Flowers. Theses aren't finished yet but I'm going
to put them on a head band or an elastic


My little tin I keep buttons and sequins in

can't believe that its December already!

love and kisses

x x x x

P. S I just found this necklace by accident
 on google images,  how amazing is this?


  1. Thanks for your comment :) I lovvvvveeeee that necklace at the end! Apparently most of the uk will be covered in snow soon ... Fingers crossed! Xx

  2. Its gorgeous isnt mine please! lol, fingers crossed, its so cold here, it needs to snow to be worth it!! X