Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Winter must haves 

Gosh its gone so absolutley freezing these last two weeks that I know winter is now most definatley and truley be here. But thats ok because that means that its nearly christmas and its and excuse to get all christmassy. yay!
The weather is bitterly cold outside here though. Theses are a few of my must have products for winter

My lips get so dried and chapped especially in winter. I love the Body shops born lippy lip balms. They keep your lips well moisturised without feeling to sticky or heavy on the lips. It also smells lush and fruity its like a little slice of summer in the winter.

I have neglected my usual beauty routine lately and skipped moisturising, which I usually apply religiously. I knew my skin tended to be try, but I found out just how dry it gets without frequent moisturising! I have been a massive fan of the Body Butters since I was about fifteen. The strawberry one is my favourite it smells so gorgeous and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Some people say that they find the Body Butters too heavy and that they sit on their skin. I noticed this when I used the nutty based ones like the almond, but I can honestly say I havent found this with any of the fruity ones. (with exception of the blueberry which is nice, but a lot overpowering to use head to toe)

My hands also tend to get dry a lot in the winter and I have to admit that I don't really use handcream a lot (mostly because I'm lazy) but the hemp hand cream from the Body Shop is amazing. It smells a little strange and its quitye expensive but it does leave your hands soft and you only need a little bit so it lasts for ages.

I love this simple eye cream. Its a life saver after a night out for me because I have to work Sundays so when I reapply my makeup for work my eyes always sting and water like mad. This product really helps calm them down. It doesnt last that long but thats probably because I use so much of of it. It helps make you feel more awake to although that feeling doesnt last that long sadly.

Mmmm hot water bottles are also my must have in the winter :). I feel the old sooo easily anyway so I love coming in and cuddling up with a hot water bottle. These little cuties were from Next (last year). The reindeer one is actually really tiny and when I had to get up at 6 last year for uni (urrgghh) I used to tuck it in my coat to keep me warm because it was so bitter getting there in the mornings. Its small and quite slim, although you can't see that in the pictures so it fitted in my coat quite nicely.

If I worked in accessorize I definatley wouldnt have any money left

love and kisses

x x x x

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