Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I went for a walk with my friend yesterday, as everything looks so pretty covered in fost/light snow. It was my favourite kind of  winter weather bright blue sky with sun but cold. Yes oh my god it was cold! I layered up well, two pairs of tights, leggings and knee socks, and my legs still stung from the cold. When I got in, it felt like the cold was under my skin, and even now, five hours later I still don't feel fully thawed!

When we walked by the canal all the ducks
 came waddling up the ice to us 

Bless them! I wish we had had some bread to feed them

Although I felt like I literally froze to the bone it gave me an excuse to wear
my pretty hat from last christmas that I didn't wear

We ended up walking in to town to buy more gloves!
I had some but my fingers felt like they were going
to drop off, so I brought extra to wear from primark
I had the white ones on underneath mine (not pictured here) but I think
these sparkly fingerless ones are cute :) Bargin for £1.50

How cosy is it to light candles now it gets dark at
half four? Its so christmassey I love it :)

Sorry for the crappy background pictures, I couldn't be
bothered to move it all (lazy I know)

I love this swirly candle holder, I may have to steal it

Also I finally saw the coca-cola christmas advert last night!
Now I know christmas is coming :)

Hope everyones having a fabulous tuesday :)

love and kisses

x x x x

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